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What's it like consulting with June?

Hello! How are you doing? Tell me how things are going! How was your pregnancy? Your delivery? How is your baby doing now? Birth weight, gestational age, discharge weight? As you can see the first thing is gathering information and listening to Your story. Your story is so important to me!

We will weigh your precious babe and discuss normal weight gain. It's really wonderful to feed the baby, preferably on breast. Then another weight to get a sense of how well milk is being transferred. The way I see it, milk only moves a short distance between breast and belly but it's a vital trip.

Latching is a big player in the whole deal. The latch can impact comfort of feeds, milk transfer, and efficiency of feeds. We will look at positioning and latch. I will make every effort to help feeds be comfortable and as effective as possible.

Pumping questions are usually a big part of my visits as many moms are returning to work or want options for feeds down the road. We will review pump use, parts, and cleaning concerns. We will talk about milk storage and strategies for avoiding waste. You WILL cry over milk waste when it's your sweat and work!!

Paced bottle feeding and helping baby to take a bottle is discussed. FYI- Most babies do well-beginning bottles between 3-6 weeks, after breastfeeding is well established. The key is to continue giving bottles regularly, generally daily or so, so baby doesn't refuse later.

One of my passions is for you to understand any recommendation I share. I feel like if you understand how breastfeeding works you can troubleshoot yourself. This stems from my stubbornness with information I apply to myself, I NEED to know WHY! So expect some explanations about why I tell you options for fixing what ails. Many times it's not one answer but many components to try.

Visits are helpful during a difficult time because you will gain perspective and gain an ally who has seen many moms struggle and persevere! When I leave I'm not done support. Please reach out through text, email, or phone calls. I want you to succeed and feel confident! Please don't hesitate to get support for your breastfeeding relationship. Much Love to All!!

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