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In Home Lactation Support

You saw a wonderful Lactation Consultant in the hospital, she helped you very much. Why would you want to have one come to your home?

As wonderful and helpful as your hospital LC was, there may be so much more to learn or questions that arise once you are at home. The one sure thing with babies is every day is different. I recall with my own, I would think I understood the routine and about that time it would all change again.

There is so much to learn and let's face it, when we're tired after birth is less than the best time to retain information. Not only that when visitors are present and many hospital workers are in and out of the room, keeping a train of thought is challenging.

Private practice LC's have the time to sit down with you and discuss your concerns and help you plan for:

  • acheive a comfortable latch

  • prepare for returning to work

  • adjust milk supply whether over or under supply is concern

  • sort out normal infant behavior and items of concern

  • care for swollen painful breasts

  • pump use and milk expression

  • assist with storage questions

Each provider teaches a little different and sometimes speaking with someone else can help so much even when the hospital LC did what they could. Reach out if you have questions or concerns!

Here's a testimonial from a previous client:

June was paramount to my breastfeeding success. As a physician and expecting mom, I attended my

breastfeeding classes and thought that I was more than prepared to overcome and obstacles thrown out

way. Despite this, my son and I struggled in the beginning as we waited for about a week for my milk to

come in. I met with June 3 times over the course of my maternity leave, and each time I felt more confident and empowered that we would be successful in this journey. As time went on, I still had a few questions here and there. I would send June a quick email and she would always respond with help. She was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond for us to ensure our breastfeeding success.


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