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Breastfeeding ups and downs!

Most women seem to have a picture of motherhood in their mind's eye during pregnancy. Reality does not often resemble this picture.

I know when I had my first baby at 22 years old, it was shocking how much my life changed. It was October so the days were short and cool. Winter was coming quickly, cabin fever and boredom set in at times.

Breastfeeding was not easy and painful. I didn't seek help, just stubbornly persevered. My mom would tell me to just give him a bottle to shut him up, I didn't listed


There are so many lessons to learn with the first baby. The beauty is you never go through that again. These are days I would never trade for anything but it was not always fun.

Some of the challenges involve discomfort, uncertainty if baby is eating enough, the sudden changes in nursing patterns and sleep schedules. It seemed to me about the time I thought I had it figured out, my baby would throw a wrench at me!

Most every mom I have talked with over the years echo my experience. The hormones, worries, exhaustion and uncertainties can make a prepared person feel powerless and confused. Motherhood certainly is a rollercoaster ride!

What can one do? Seeking support from a family member or friend can be helpful. Many moms know other women who are in a similar situation and there is comfort knowing you're not alone. There are also people out there who really care. La Leche League, LLL, is a great group of mothers who have countless years of experience with many aspects of mothering. If you have questions about baby wearing, clothe diapers, healthy foods for yourself or starting solids with baby and much more, these are your gals! I personally have learned much from this resource. If you want to know how to contact LLL, let me know. There are support groups at area hospitals and MOPS groups locally as well.

If you feel like it's too much to meet at a place away from home, virtual groups are available too. Just a reminder though, not all advise is applicable to you and your situation. Take what you like and leave the rest.

One more caution is about Dr. Google, we all do it, you can find very good information but if it doesn't apply, it can do more harm than good.

I'm available now from 8-9pm each day, except Tuesdays, for texts or calls. If you just want to run something by me, please do, I will do my best to offer advise or schedule a appointment with you as you like. My number is 419-366-2493. Much love to all!

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