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Good information

We live in a age where information is a click away. I google symptoms and other things too! The challenge of that method to glean knowledge is we can begin with wrong assumptions. That’s where

”good information“ can become unhelpful or even harmful information. I’ve seen this happen time and again when a problem is perceived, for instance, to be for low milk supply. After all, the baby feeds very frequently and seems to be never satisfied. In reality the problem could be high milk supply. This could send families in the wrong direction!!

By all means, I’m not against googling but please be aware sometimes our concerns can misguide us to wrong conclusions. Here are some great sites to visit: Written for families, not healthcare providers. Contains wonderful information on countless subjects and stories to inspire. A great collection of information by a lactation consultant who has been helping to make evidence based wide available.

Please reach out for a phone consult if you have questions! 419-366-2493

Warm regards! June


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